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Hi Gurus,

I am using the BAPI_PO_CHANGE to change the account assignment categeory from blank to cost center 'K'. The BAPI is throwing an error :

"Account 50010101 requires an assignment to a CO object".

but I have already passed the CO objects.


1: i have simulate the data which passed via ME22N,it work perfectly.

2:i also check the data in debug has been passed into the function correctly

3:i also populated the parameters into the BAPI import parameters poaccountx

4:i try to change the other datas such as delivery schedule,price,quantity.the BAPI also work.

does anybody have any hints to solve this issue? kindly thanks in heart.


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This problem may be as easy as missing leading zeros in front of G/L account or cost center.



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Hi Chaiphon Pulnitiporn :

thanks for your answer.i have called the CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT function and i have debug the code that the GL account has been filled with the leading zero .so was costcenter.



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what all paramters aer you passing to the BAPI...?

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Hi niraj gadre:

for the account data,i passed the below:

MOVE-CORRESPONDING it_po_account TO lt_po_account.

lt_po_accountx-po_item = it_po_account-po_item.

lt_po_accountx-serial_no = it_po_account-serial_no.

lt_po_accountx-po_itemx = 'X'.

lt_po_accountx-serial_nox = 'X'.

lt_po_accountx-delete_ind = 'X'.

lt_po_accountx-quantity = 'X'.

lt_po_accountx-net_value = 'X'.

lt_po_accountx-gl_account = 'X'.

lt_po_accountx-costcenter = 'X'.

lt_po_accountx-co_area = 'X'.

lt_po_account-asset_no = 'X'.

lt_po_account-orderid = 'X'.

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HI Sam,

Try to show this error to your functional people. [|] This link for deletion of po. Check if it is useful.



Edited by: madhurao123 on Mar 17, 2011 5:39 AM

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Hi madhurao:

thanks for your suggestions.

actually, i am the function consultant too.

all the configuration was work normally from the persepcts of functional consultant.

again, thanks for your effort, i have raised a ticket to SAP and hope get the answer soon.

any update i will keep you all posted.



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Hi All:

althought i still do not receive the reply from SAP, I am sure i rooted the caused that was the program error.

correct the program

L2012F25 Line 502

replace with " IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL. "

correct the program

L2012I03 line 35

insert "lo_acct TYPE REF TO if_purchase_order_account_mm,"

line 74

insert " mmpur_dynamic_cast1 lo_acct io_model."

after that.the BAPI work perfectly.

hope it can help you all and the other persons.



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Hi sam,

I have countered the same error,  when appending a new item with account assignment WBS , error message shows I didn't input a CO object. But the replacement line no. you gave is wrong in my system, because there is patch notes in the code, so I cannot check why the code goes wrong and convince the team to change code.

Could you give me some more information?