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IS-U print workbench - User exit - to get current page number

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I have a doubt in IS-U print workbench where in I need to get the current page number which is being processed inside the user exit of the application form.

I have a user exit called Z_EXIT_150 and here I have a subroutine which is inside the LOOP DOC_ITEM …ENDLOOP.

Inside the subroutine, I need to get the current script page number.

There is an option of getting the current page as &PAGE& inside the Script but I need to know the page number inside the exit.

Do you have any idea of getting the current page number?

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Hi Sakthi,

I have also had this problem while working in IS-U Print Workbench but was also unable to solve. I tried looking into the output_text that is called when reaching an object that references SAPSCRIPT-FORMPAGES but I too could not find a way to save PAGE to a variable for later use.

The only idea I can think of, although I have not tried, would be to place some sort of counter variable in the BUILD_DOCUMENTS and increment the counter each time there is a successful printout of a header logo or some other object that you expect to see printed on each new page - that way maybe you can determine later in the exit processing what page # you are currently in.

I hope this has helped some. I would be really interested to hear if someone else has a solution of how to access items in the SAPSCRIPT structure from outside of the SAPscript code.