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Is Standard Transaction Short Dump an ABAP Issue?

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We encountered a Short Dump on Standard Transaction <b>FBO3</b> when sidplaying the 1st line item of a particular document.

Is this an ABAP Concern? if it is, could someone please help..

On a particular document, everytime we try to double click the 1st line item, we encounter a short dump that says..



Occurred on 12/04/2007 at 10:17:33

>> Short dump has not been completely stored. It is too big.

A conversion error occurred.

What happened?

An internal error occurred in program "SAPMF05L" during output field transfer

to screen 0302. This error made it impossible to finish execution of the

remainder of the program.

What can you do?

Please make a note of the actions and input which caused the error.

Please make a note of the actions and input which caused the error.

To resolve the problem, contact your

SAP system administrator.

Choose "Print" for a hard coopy of the termination message. You can

display and adminster short dump messages using Transaction ST22.

Error analysis

The program's run was interrupted and cannot be continued.

The program tried to display fields on a screen. During the conversion

of this data, an error occurred.


This doesnt happen to other documents asidde from this one.

Could anyone please help.

Thanks so much!


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Please refer SAP Notes:

1. 518387 FB03:Dump 'DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION' due to negative quantity 20.03.2004

2. 538812 FB03:Dump 'DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION'since neg. paymnt amount 19.08.2002

3. 311366 FB03: DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION due to negative qty 25.05.2001

4. 368355 Negative amount liable for cash discount in table BSEG 21.06.2006

If an ABAPper has done ny modifications in User Exit or BADI of FB03, then its a Technical issue. If a funcitonal consultant has done ny config changes bcz of which transaction dumps, then FC would be able to fix it.

Its difficult to directly differentiate @ responsibility without understanding the entire details.

Best regards,