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Is it possible to upgrade installed Mini WAS 6/20 to 6/20?

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I have MiniWAS 6.10 Test Drive installed. Can I upgrade it to 6.20, or will I have to do an uninstall and reinstall? I remember that the 6.10 Test Drive was adamant about not installing if a SAPDB had already been installed - I'm wondering if I'll have the same problem with 6.20?



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Sorry about that - question should be:

Is it possible to upgrade installed Mini WAS 6.10 to 6.20?

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No upgrade possible:-(((

What you can do is:

- export you transport requests in MiniWAS 6.10

- uninstall MiniWAS 6.10 (completely)

- install MiniWAS 6.20

- import you requests


Ps: I've installed both, and there was no difference between the installation of MiniWAS 6.10 and 6.20 .

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How did you do the uninstall of 6.1? Did you use the Uninstall from the CD? Was that sufficient, or did you have to do some other things to get it to uninstall?

My problem is this: I also have the Sneak Preview of NetWeaver 6.4 installed. So that when I try to install Test Drive, it complains that a DB has already been installed and refuses to go any further. Therefore, I have to install Tst Drive first, and THEN Sneak Preview.

So I'm trying to find a way to move from Test Drive 6.10 to 6.20 without uninstalling Sneak Preview 6.40. I hope this make some sense to you!

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In case of MiniWAS 6.10 there was an installation control file <CD1>:\R3SETUP\WA1.R3S. Probable there is one for 6.20. I would try to modify it...may be it help...

In WAS 6.40 you can more easily save your work as far as I know, you only have to save your files without any export.

So probable save your work/uninstall WAS 640, install 6.20&6.40, reimport work would help you...but it would take time. Maybe it's still better to do this way instead of wasting your time to figure it how to install 6.20.

I would also try post this question in the MiniWAS Install forum.


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Thanks for the advice. I really don't want to have to reinstall 6.40. I had a lot of trouble getting it down the first time - most of my problems had to do with conflicts with the SAPDB level installed by 6.10.

Not sure how I could modify the file on the CD you reference. Can I copy that CD to a file and install from there?

I'll try to pose my question in the forum you pointed me to.