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Interesting Issue to be resolved

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This is one of the interesting issue which has to be resolved.

A value has been passed from Siebal to SAP-R/3, which is received by a parameter in a R/3 report program.

Based on the value of the parameter, some output has to be displayed.

For receiving the value from Siebal to R/3 we have to type the following Statement in the RUN Command

C:\Progra~1\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\sapshcut.exe -language=EN -system=D47 -client=010 -guiparm=" 00"

-type=Transaction -user=MMM5IOB -pw=sridhjjjjjjj -command="ZSRI1 P_SRNO=1-A5001"

The above code gives the R/3 System, Client, IP Address, User ID, Transaction Code & Parameter ID

My Program is having a parameter & a write stmt which is displaying some value based on the parameter option.

A transaction code has been created to the above program.

If we watch the above command, we will be having the transaction code as command & the parameter name as p_srno.

Requirement :

Once when the command is executed in the Run Option, the transaction is executed and the parameter is passed & on

execution (F8), the value given in the write option is displayed.

But the actual requirement is the parameter screen should not appear, the value in write should be processed & the

result should be output based on parameter's value.

If we give the NO-DISPLAY option of parameter, the value is not assigned to the parameter variable.

How to resolve this issue friends?




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Hi Usha,

I think this depends on your program behind transaction ZSRI1. How are you calling the program in there? If you're calling a standard transaction, can't you just put a skip first screen there?

I suggest to take a look at this thread as well:


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The transaction is a custom trasaction created for a custom program (report program), using the option SE93 & the option

-Program and Selection Screen (Report Transaction)