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Integration between FedEx & SAP

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Hi Gurus,

I have requirement to integrate between FedEx and SAP. I checked in SDN and read different threads but not meeting my requirement.

My requirement is to send data(XML) based on Order Number in SAP TO FedEx VICEVERSA.

Here we are not using PI module and Business connectors.

Is it possile to use RFC Call from SAP TO FedEX , If yes- how .

Suggest the best method to do integration without PI & BC to send, recieve XML data.




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Hi Chiru,

Is this what you're talking about?

In the "FedEx Web Services Column" they offer web services that you can call from your SAP system. The procedure should be as follows:

  • sign up to the FedEx Developer Resource Center to get access to detailed information

  • identify the relevent web services (most likely of type SOAP web service)

  • for each web service, download the WSDL document

  • in SE80, create a web service consumer proxy for the web service, using the WSDL document

  • in transaction SOAMANAGER, configure the logical port - user credentials for logging on to FedEx, authentication method, and so on

  • then you can write ABAP code that calls the web service through the consumer proxy

There are plenty of tutorials around that show you how to do it on a step-by-step level. Hope this here will help you get an overview and get started.



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Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for the reply.

But we are not using WEB SERVICE then how can i approach.

Please reply..



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It looks to me as if web services are the only type of connectivity they offer, but you could of course just ask them.


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There are two ways to connect your SAP system to FedEx and UPS services: without middleware (using the web services tool already included in ECC) and with middleware (any middleware product will suffice, including SAP's BC and PI offerings).  Web services is the preferred choice, and the connection between SAP and FedEx/UPS is secure (using a SSL connection via HTTPS on port 443 -or- routing communication through a web proxy).

Building out this interface is involved and complicated, so it is best to work with companies that specialize in implementing these shipping solutions.  Details for a complete shipping solution which is based on native SAP tools and technology is found at: