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Input required for Commit and wait.

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Hi all,

I have a scenario where I needed our experts input.The scenario is as follows.

We need to trigger the delivery output when we do PGI by an RFC function module which is called by a 3rd legacy system.What this Function module does :

This RFC Function module updates one of the delivery header text ( using Save text FM ) which is sent by the Legacy system and then does the PGI . The requirment routine of the O/P checks for PGI and the O/p is triggered and the O/P is an IDOC DESADV01 Message type DESADV.The IDOC needs to have the text info updated by the FM on the header text segment.

This RFC function module is a custom FM and what I have done is after the SAve text FM I added a Commit and wait and then the after this the BCD logic for PGI follows.

As I am working on the development I see that this is working as expected, but to know from you guys if you see any things wrong with this approach.As the function module is called remotely and then it updates the Delivery header text and then does the PGI.Do you see any risk that the IDOC generated might missed the header text data update by the FM. I have added Commit and wait before the PGI logic with the assumsion that this will update the header text and then once done the next step for PGI follows.

Thank you.


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Hi Donny,

I don't see much of a problem in your approach.

But just to be sure, when you assign the output to trigger the Delivery Idoc, set the dispatch option to send periodically with scheduled job.

This way, the output will not get triggered immediately.

YOu can schedule the RSNAST00 program at a later point in time to issue the output for that delivery.


Ravi Kanth Talagana