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Infotype 0402

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I want to know what is the use of infotype 0402 (payroll results).


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well tihs infotype is an HR master data infotype in terms of payroll of an employee

this infotype provide u the info regarding the payroll like

which type of pay roll an employee is geting ( PAYTY )

what is the area of that payroll ( ABKRS )

this payroll is for what priod of time ( FPPER )

as per payroll what is the pay date it have ( PAY_DATE )

this info u get from 0402 infotype

hope this have solved ur problem



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1. Normally this infotype is not used / not populated.

2. Though the name suggests, there are no records inside it

even when payroll is processed. The payroll records

are stored in the payroll cluster without any link to this 0402 infotype.


amit m.

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Hi ,

Payroll Results Infotypes: Period Values (0402 and 0403)


The Payroll Results: Period Values infotype (0402) contains information from the payroll results

of the regular payroll run. Infotype 0403 is identical and is currently not required.

The start and end dates for the infotype correspond to the payroll period.



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Hi Amit,

The Payroll results: Period values infotype(0402) contain information from payroll results .

The start and End dates for the infotype correspond to the payroll period .

If u give Personnel number, Subtype, Start Date, End Date,Number of Infotype Record With Same Key then will get all information about employee below..

Country Grouping, Payroll Area, Currency Key, For-period for payroll, Payroll type, Payroll ID,Pay date for payroll result

You can update data at any time using report RPABRI00 only when existing payroll results shud be evaluated

Hope it will help you!!



Edited by: Aparna Kagale on Aug 12, 2008 12:22 PM