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Info needed about PU12 transaction

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I am making modifications in a User Exit which is providing data to a file defined for Interface format ZTE1 through tcode PU12 interface toolbox.

So, my question is what is this tcode used for ?

And if my changes include making modifications to the file structure by including extra fields and deleting some,what are necessary steps i need to do to ensure same changes are reflected on PU12 side.

I hope my question is clear.

Ask me in case of any doubts.

Please Guide!!!

Answers will be rewarded.




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The purpose of PU12 is to create interface format for data export to a third party system.

The interface format forms the basis for data export. You use the interface format to determine which HR data should be selected and how this will take place.

You use the interface toolbox to create a program based on the format you have defined. You use this program to export the data.

You can try this link for improvements in this T Code from 4.5A onwards.

Reward if helpful.

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Hi Rohan

PU12 is interface toolbox used to download data. There are mainly two components of Interface Tool box

1) Interface Format : In this you'll defined what kind of data and what table data you want to retrieve.

2) File Layout : In this you'll defined the fields going to your output file. So practically you can use multiple file layout with a single interface format also based on the file you need.

In your casem since you want to add or delete a field in the file generated. You can do this in the file layout, no need to change any thing in your interface format. If you are adding new fields then just make sure that field is already present in the interface format attached to this file layout.

Let me know if you need more information.



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Hi Ranganath,

I am now working with PU12 for the first time and I have set up a export file in PU12.

But when I am doing an update without filling the name for the file layout I have the following error:

"An error occurred when opening the "export file"

When I am filling the file layout I have the following error:

"An error occurred when writing to an export file" (Error Number E107).

"File processing: end of file".

When I am not doing an update the export file runs and seems right.

Do you know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,