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Info about Released request

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How can I figure out when did a request created? There is a request that has been already Released and I can't find action log to it, there is only a transport log but it doesn't show when did the request originally created. Is there any option to figure it out?


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In se10 go to Display(or press F5)-->enter the request no>Dbl click on the request no--->Select Property Tab

This will show

Target client

Source Client

Created by which User

Last Changed Time.


In se10 go to Display(or press F5)-->enter the request no-->Dbl click on the request no Select the request in the Click GoTo -

>Action log.


look for the file in the operating system level at location

\usr\sap\trans\actlog\<request no>.<sid>

Hope this helps

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you can use <b>AL11</b> to look at the operating system. Look for directories:

<b>/usr/sap/trans/cofiles</b>---In co-files consist of controll information of data.


In data files consist of actuall data information

<b>/usr/sap/trans/actlog</b>----Gives information about the requests created, requests released

Additionally,users can use SE09 and SE10 to look at their change requests.

Hope it helps.

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Check SE09 and Ctrl+F You find the request


Pankaj Kumar