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info about docking container

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Hi Abapers,

Can you pls tell me what exactly is this docking container. how different it is from the normal container?

What additional functionality does docking container have compared to normal container?




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Use the SAP Docking Container to attach one or more areas to a screen . You can attach an area to any or all of the four edges of the screen (top, bottom, left, or right). The screen is made smaller to accommodate the docking container. You can detach the docking container from the screen (floating) and reattach it.

The behavior of the areas in the container is determined by the sequence in which they are initialized. Docking Containers are attached to the screen from the inside out. This means that when you create a second container, it is attached to the edge of the screen, and the container that was already there is pushed outwards. From a purely technical point of view, you can attach any number of docking containers to a screen. However, remember that using too many can make your application confusing for the user.

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There are five kinds of SAP Containers:

SAP Custom Container

The SAP Custom Container allows you to display controls in an area defined on a normal screen using the Screen Painter.


SAP Dialog Box Container

The SAP Dialog Box container allows you to display controls in an amodal dialog box or fullscreen.


SAP Docking Container

The SAP Docking Container allows you to attach a control to any of the four edges of a screen as a resizable screen area. You can also detach it so that it becomes an independent amodal dialog box.


SAP Splitter Container

The SAP Splitter Container allows you to display more than one control in a given area by dividing it into cells.


SAP Easy Splitter Container

The SAP Easy Splitter Container allows you to divide an area into two cells with a control in each. The cells are separated by a moveable splitter bar.


All SAP Containers have a common parent with the type CL_GUI_CONTROL. They are all derived from this basic container, and therefore all have the same object-oriented interface.

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A SAP Container is a control that accommodates other controls, such as the SAP Tree Control, SAP Picture Control, SAP Textedit Control, SAP Splitter Control, and so on. It manages these controls logically in a collection, and provides a physical area in which they are displayed.

All controls live in a container. Since containers are themselves controls, you can nest them. The container is the parent of the control within it.

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