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Including a T100 message textline in SAPScript

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Dear experts,

in the documentation of an ABAP report I would like to include some texts from mesage table T100.

Does anyone know how to achieve that?




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u have mentioned sapscript in your subject line and report in the matter.

kindly clarify , in script you can use include text and in report use write


Sajimon Chandran

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Hi Mr. Chandran,

I meant the standard "documentation" text of a report program, which is SAPScript.

Within that text I would like to include a T100 message-text (T100-TEXT), not the "long text" of such an entry, which is SAPScript again. I know that I could include that, but I'm merely interested in the T100-TEXT.

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You can create a link to long text of message in documentation section of ABAP program.


AS <DS:NA.SD004>Description</>

where AS is paragraph format SD is message ID and 004 is message number and 'Description' is the text on which link will be created.

To include message text, I think copy paste the text from message is best option.

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Thanks a lot, Mr. Kesari,

that is what I'm going to do if it should turn out that there is no way to include the T100-TEXT alone.

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you can include a standardtext

inthe menubar insert->text->standard : select your text element and pass it