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Inbound processing of segment E1EDT13 - QUALF 499 in DESADV idoc

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Dear all,

we are currently facing the problem, that we want to send customized deadline dates in a DESADV idoc into our system.

I set up the customizing accordingly, maintained the data in a outbound delivery and created an idoc out of it. I saw, that the segment E1EDT13 is filled using QUALF 499.

I took this idoc modified a few fields and sent it back as an inbound delivery.

This works, but E1EDT13 with qualifier 499 doesn't appear in the created inbound delivery.

I checked the coding of the inbound function modules concerning qualifier 499 and detected, that this qualifier is never considered in the coding.

Does SAP support the inbound posting of qualifier 499? If yes, how? Which function module will be used?

If no, does anyone have an idea/experience concerning inbound DESADV using qualifier 499 in segment E1EDT13?

Kind regards


PS: We are using a ECC 6.0 release.


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Posted the wrong idoc type. Sorry

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