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in EDIDS table i need to find the IDOC Number (DOCNUM) based on Transaction ID (TID)

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Hi All.

Objective: in EDIDS table i need to find the IDOC Number (DOCNUM) based on  Transaction ID (TID).

Case 1:

I can see the TID value based on mentioned filter.

Case 2: but while filtering based on TID, i'm not able to find the IDOC number and it's giving below error, and this is what i required.


please suggest me, how to i find IDOC Number based on transaction ID.




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I see your TID contains some lower case characters but the data element doesn't manage them

So in SE16 the lower case character are translated in UPPER case and the record is not found.

Try to write a quick report that select the record passing your TID with lower case charcters and it should work

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HI Simone.

thank you for your reply.

even if i search with Uppercase also i'm facing the same issue. apart from writing a report is there any other way to see IDOC number based on the transaction ID.  for writing a report for this reason again customer  may ask the same question.

please do needful.

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Wait, the problem i think it's the following:

Your TID is stored with LOWER CASE chars but in SE16, since the data element do not accept them, you cannot put them so you cannot find your idoc.

From this comes my suggestion to write a quick report just to see if it works: select your TID into a variable from EDIDS read with DOCNUM and then try to read EDIDS with the TID found

It should (in my sys there is no TID filled so i cannot test myself to help you

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In my DEV system I forced a couple of record with TID = AbbA

And if i select via code this way:

SELECT SINGLE Docnum INTO g_docnum FROM edids WHERE tid = 'AbbA'.

G_DOCNUM is filled.

Since TID can accept only UPPERCASE values and your TID contains even lower case values, the only solution i see is doing the search via code.

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I thought this might be helpful.

If we switch on debug mode in se16n and then enter, you can change the value to mixed case under lt_selfields-low and it will work