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IMRG and VBRK table link!!

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Hi all,

In Billing Document: Header Data(VBRK), giving the document number(VBELN) i get the date(FKDAT). Now depending on this date i need to collect the measuring point(POINT) which is used in IK17 transaction,by passing the date in IMRG table.

Any link between these two tables.

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Thanks in Advance,



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Take the <b>VBRK-FKDAT</b> and pass to the <b>IMRG-IDATE</b> field and fetch the data from IMRG

there is no other linking fields between these tables

IMRG is linked to other tables like CRID,QALS,QASV,QPCD and QPGR tables

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Hi Anji sir..

But the FKDAT is not primary key.

I got the measuring points by passing the FKDAT in VBRK to IDATE of IMRG.

But is that the correct way to pass VBRK-FKDAT and pass to the IMRG-IDATE.