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import Users

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Hi experts,

I have 40 users in sandbox system and around 20 roles that I have setup in sandbox.

Can anybody tell me step by step how to import them in Dev system? so I don't have to created them again. there is no Transport path setup between sandbox and Dev system.

always appreciate your help.



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You need to recreate the users in DEV , but for roles you can transport them if you have set up transport ( usually there wont be a transport route from sandbox to Dev ) or download the roles and upload them using pfcg


Prince Jose

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Thanks dude

Anybody has any other idea?

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as long as there is not transport patch between DEV and Prod (WHY NOT) there is no other way than recreate them manually or via a CATT.

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sorry misread the previous posting: it is wise NOT to have transport path between sandbox and DEV.

DEV is the place were you always manually recreate everything you sucessfully tested in the sandbox!

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Can I import them in excel sheet from the sandbox, so I know how many are there, Can anybody tell me step by step how to import them in spreadsheet.

Thank you so much

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I am not sure if you can import users in excel spreadsheet, I know you can download/upload roles.

Best is manually create then using CATT script.

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For the roles, you can download them from your sandbox via PFCG, entering role name and then selecting "Download" from "Role" on the menu bar. Then download it to a location on your hard drive. Then uploadd to your target system by executing PFCG (in dev) and selecting upload and select the role. The roles need to be re-generated after they've been uploaded (can only be done one at a time).

For the users, creating a SECATT script to re-create them is your best bet. Here's an ok how to --> (you have to record the steps to create a user yourself). You can download the user information from either SUIM or a usr* table.

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As per as role u have one option of download and upload.

download the roles from the sandbox to your desktop and upload it your target system. after uploading dont forget to generate the profile for that role if u want to generate profile at a time use the Txn SUPC for mass profile generation.

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You can transport users too, (in this case) via a transport of copies:

Create a T.O.C in the source system, & include the following tables:






Now include the required user details as "content" of these tables, in the TR.

Release & import this request.

Remember this will only import the users, their passwords, their roles/profiles "assignment" (But NOT the actual roles/profiles itself)

So please make sure that the roles exist before importing the users.

Finally do a user comparison for these roles.

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Hi Kumar

What is TOC (Transport of copies) how to do that ,what is the transaction code for that and how to include table in Transport request?

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Yes T.O.C means a Transport of Copies, which can be created in Transaction SE01.

This can be used to move objects between systems which are not directly connected.

Coming to the 2nd part, once you create a T.O.C, go to its object list (in change mode) & include the above tables as follows:




& then double click on each one & include the user details as table entries/keys.


Please award points, if this helps you.