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Import to Q not activating new selection parameters

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We have had several times when report programs have been changed in development to add an additional selection parameter. The new parameter appears on the selection screen correctly. When we transport the changes to quality, the transport completes successfully, all of the changes appear in the Q version of the program and the Q version is activated, but the selection screen does not contain the new selection parameters. By going to SE80 in Q and activating the selection screen, we can get the new version of the selection screen to appear.

Is there a bug that is preventing the transport from doing all the necessary work?


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In you development server check the transport log, if return code is '0'. Then its fine, else talk to basis guys, whether they have imposed any restriction or not. If not, try to change your program again in DEV then transport it again to Quality.


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What's the content of the transport - what are the objects?

But it sounds like a bug to me. What patch are you on?


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The objects in the transport are a program code and selection texts.

We are using ECC 6.0 version SAPKB70015