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Import Parameters with sigle multiple ranges

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I have a requirement like , to create a Function module but to that function module i am importing the parameter material number(MATNR).

But to the import parameter MATNR they can pass

single values or mutiple values or ranges.

How to declare this parameter in FM.

Please anybody help me .




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Use the MATNR under the tables TAB.

You can then pass a internal table which contains multiple MATNR's



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try some thing on with tables.

the tables tab in the FM.. create your own structure as use it.

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Declare an internal table with MATNR .

DATA : Begin of i_mara OCCURS 0,

matnr LIKE mara-matnr,

END OF i_mara .

Instead of Importing parameter

Under " TABLES" tab in FM create internal table like i_mara.

use that internal table to get multiple values.

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Hi Murali,

Will this work if they send material number in ranges also.

Let me know.

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ranges cant be defined in FM so there will be a type conflict..

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Hi Madhavi,

For any function module u r importing the param

(or) ur giving the i/p to tht fnmodule means u hav

to declare tht parameter name under *import*

section ok.

For import parameter of the function module we

will be used to pass single value ok.

If u get any further queries post it.



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i hope you didnt get my question,

Yes in importing parameters only i need to send sometimes single values and also multiple values and alslo ranges.

how to deal with this

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Hi Madhavi,

As mentioned earlier, you can use the tables parameter to pass single value or multiple values.

You can not be able to send Ranges to the tables parameters.



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this is my requirement.

I have to do validation to this field

As import parameters ( with some checks and conversions )

• __matnr LIKE MARA-MATNR__

__check on MARA-MATNR and MARA-LVORM not equal to “x”.__

__The range of articles can be single or multi article or in a range__

This is will importing parameter, i have to do validation to this field .

How to do.

Let me know