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Import/ Export sap script

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Hi experts,

I know how to export a sap script form to a text file using pgm RSTXSCRP.

But i am unable to import the same text file into another script.Intially clicked on Form,I have given the object name as new form name and clicked on import ,clicked on Form / on front end and selected the text file.But iwas giving errors.

Is that new form name should have created before?..even then it was giving erros..

Can any body tell me how to do this?



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Save exporting file name with target form name

and replace all occurence of source form with target

form name in saved file and try to import.

example :

export form atest to btest.txt.

open b.txt and replace all atest with btest in

file btest.txt and save .

Now import by giving frm name as btest

dataset name as btest.txt

or you can use

se71->utilities-copy from client->