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implicit enhancemets and access aey

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Hi enhancement experts,

I need an implicite enhancement in SAP standard program RFEBBU00. I choose the spiral pushbutton, goto EDIT -> ENHANCEMENTS OPERATIONS -> SHOW IMPLICIT ENHANCEMENTS and I found a FORM that I can use for my enhancement. After EDIT -> ENHANCEMENTS OPERATIONS -> CREATE -> Popup -> CODING I enter name and description of the enhancement und click the green OK button.

Now (and that is my question) the system ask me for an access key for my new created ENHO object.

Has anybody an idea why the system needs an access key, my opinion was, that enhancements are without acces keys.

Thanks for help


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I think you may be trying to write the code in standard enhancement section - before clicking OK - select your enhancement poing then it shoudn't ask for any access keys.

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What name do you use for your enhancement? Does it start with Z?


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The same thing i tired for the same program its not asking any access key for me i could save in request .......aftre system shows you the implicit enhancement .......go to that part which is shown in yellow color rt click and choose the option for declaration or code it asks for implementation name and save...


Shailaja Ainala.

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hi ,

choose the spiral pushbutton, goto EDIT -> ENHANCEMENTS OPERATIONS -> SHOW IMPLICIT ENHANCEMENTS and found a FORM with yellow color shade thatu u can use for ur enhancement. After EDIT -> ENHANCEMENTS OPERATIONS ->chagne or insert u can use .


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Hi Shailaja Ainala,

i can see all lines with '""""""""""""""""""""$"$\SE:...... , where en enhancement is possible, but i can not find a part which is shown in yellow color. What is the problem ?



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Ok you got the line with$ rt....there u rt click and select the option of create will see declaration and code......


Shailaja Ainala.

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For your reference, let's see how to enhance a standard SAP program using an Implicit Enhancement


Let us use program RSFTP002 u2013 Itu2019s a program used to test FTP connections.

In this example, we will unmask the currently masked password field.

Open the program in the ABAP Editor (SE38).

Execute it to bring up the parameter list.

Note the asterisks in the Password field.

To view the places where we can implement these enhancements, go back to the previous page (the one

containing the code) and click on the Enhance button (before the Syntax Check button) or press Shift + F4.

Note: Enhancement options are only present in SAP WAS 7.0 and above.

Then Navigate to Edit -> Enhancement Operations -> Show Implicit Enhancement Options.

You will be shown the places where Implicit Enhancement Options are present,

There will be two such spots in this particular program u2013 One at the end of the result table definition and the other at the end of the program.

To implement an enhancement option, right click in the orange area -> Enhancement Implementation -> Create.

Choose an enhancement name (ZFTP_PWD in this case), give it a description and if needed a Composite Enhancement Implementation name and press enter.

Save it as a local object or in a package (as the case might be).

In this example, we shall change the visibility of the password field and show the password. This is done by looping at the screen and changing the invisible parameter of the PWD field to u20180u2019.

Once the Enhancement Implementation is created, the following code is inserted into the program,

$$-Start: (2)----




$$-End: (2)----

ZFTP_PWD is the name of the implementation that we gave.

1 indicates that this is the first implementation in this program.

We can put out code inside the ENHANCEMENTu2026ENDENHANCEMENT block as shown below.

Follow the usual procedure of Syntax Check, Save and Activate.

Now execute the program again to see the parameter list.

Note that anything typed in the Password field is now visible.

Hope this surely help u..