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Implemantation & End-2-End Implementation Issue Pls Reply!!!

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Hello Experts!

I ve a doubt on

what is full life cycle implementation and end-to-end implementation?

time duration long for which one? pls give eg.

Thanks In Advance


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There are different types of Projects in SAP:

1. Implementation

Customer wants to install SAP/Include different modules of SAP viz. MM/SD/FI/CO/PP etc for the first time.Previously he might be using some legacy system in his orgn. This is implementation project. Here one needs to integrate several modules, migrate data from Legacy system to SAP system. Need to prepare interfaces/RFC's to interact with 3rd party systems.

Most of the company's follow ASAP methodology for the Implementation projects

there are 5 stages in the ASAP methodology

they are

1. Project Initial Preparation

2.Business Blueprint


4/ Final Preparation

5.Golive And Support

ABAP work mostly starts in the Blue print ending stage or in the realization stage.

there will be 5 stages in this project as per the ASAP methodoloy.

1. Project Initial preparation

2. Business Blue print

3. Realization

4.Final Preparation

5. Go Live and Support

2. Support

Customer has already installed SAP & wants to give the work of maintaining those systems. This is support project

There is no phases in it. Just receive the tickets, solve and send back to client.

3. Upgrade

Customer has SAP Version 4.6b and wants to update his version i.e. wants to go to Version 4.7. This is upgrade project

4. Rollouts

Customer has upgraded his version & wants to rollout country specific changes.

This is rollout project

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I want the exact diff & which one takes more time life cycle or end to end implemetation.

Thanks in advance