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IE Script error when double clicking on a view in Abap Webdynpro component

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Hello experts,

I am running mini SAP trial version 2004 with Internet explorer 7.0 and also installed gui patch 23.

I am making a sample application in SE80 and when double clicking on a view in Abap Webdynpro component I get following error:


Internet Explorer Script Error

An error has occured in the script on this page.

Line: 1

Char: 1

Error: 'wdp_show_menu' is undefined

Code: 0

URL: http://satellite5200:8000/sap/bc/wdvd/painting.html?_vdrespkey=EOJ6V1JQMX0VLTQ7AP6DQM64Y&_vdframe=pa...

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?


Thanks in advance for your help.



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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<i>mini SAP trial version 2004</i>

That is a pretty old version(unless you meant 2004s). Support for IE 7.0 was delivered via a support package. Not sure what SP level you need to be at when using NetWeaver 2004, but in NetWeaver 7.0(2004s), you need to be at at least SP 10 for IE7.0 support. I would suggest installing the latest release which can be downloaded here in the download section.


RIch Heilman

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Pls see below.

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Bhupendra Singhal

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Hello Rich,

Thanks for your reply.

I am not too sure if my installation is Netweaver 04 or Netweaver 2004s but I guess it is Netweaver 04. System status displays following information:

<u>Component / Release / Level / Highest Support / Description</u>

SAP_BASIS / 640 / 0011 / SAPKB64011 / SAP Basis Component

SAP_ABA / 640 / 0011 / SAPKA64011 / Cross-Application Component

PI_BASIS / 2004_1_640 / 008 / SAPKIPYI68 / Basis Plug-In (PI_BASIS) 2004_1_6

SAP_BW / 350 / 0011 / SAPKW35011/ Business Information Warehouse

Can you/ somebody pls let me know what version and service pack is this and if appropriate service pack (or any other solution) is available to solve my original problem quoted above?



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That is NetWeaver 6.4(2004) SP11, which is, far below the SP level for IE 7.0 support. I believe that you need at least SP 18 or 19.

But, now I am thoroughly confused, why? Because Web Dynpro ABAP is not supported on NetWeaver 2004, so you shouldn't even be seeing anything in SE80 about Web Dynpro. I suggest to download and install the latest Sneak Preview here on SDN in the download section, then you will be taken care of.


Rich Heilman

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Hello Rich,

I could see WedDynpro in SE80 but not in the main screen but when I divert to using 'Edit Objects' button. Anyway I have removed that installation so issue is no longer there.

Thanks for your help.