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IDoc output is not showing blank fields before the carriage return

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When we produce the Material Master IDoc (MATMAS), we send it to a ascii file, to a file port. That works fine when we execute BD10 to produce the IDoc and the file. But, the 3rd party mapping software wants to see every field, even if blank, in each segment it is fed. So, let's say the E1MARCM segment is 750 chars, when you add up all the field lengths in the structure, but the last 5 fields are blank. SAP does not include those trailing blanks at the end of the segment in the file. It just puts a carriage return. How can we configure it to output the trailing blanks?


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Hi Mark Mathison

In IDoc ....if no value is passed in to that field then, the field wonu2019t be populated in Doc....

There is no chance of getting blank field in IDocs...