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IDOC not coming in status 30 for collecting idocs

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Hi All,

We have a requirement in which we need to collect idocs and send together.

To achieve I am making Collect idocs in Partner profiles so that it goes in status 30 and hence I can run program RSEOUT00 to make it status 03 and hence write in file as a group of idocs.

Now inspite of making collect idocs in partner profile, its not coming in status 30 but directly coming in status 03.

Please let me know what may be the reason for the same.




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Check by giving pack.size as 100 in partner profile.



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Hi Lokeswari,

I am giving port as a file port and there is no option for pack size in case of file ports(Its there for RFC ports).


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Hi vivek,

If you have set the Collect Idoc option in partner profile then the IDOC's will be collected , irrespective of kind of port you are using and the packet size doesn't matter in this case.

It seems to me that the program RSEOUT00 is already scheduled in your system.

Can you check in SM37 , by putting the program RSEOUT00 and check if any user has scheduled the program.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Harpreet,

I have already checked sm37 and found that RSEOUT00 program has not been scheduled.

I dont know why it's directly going to status 03 inspite of collect idoc in PP and RSEOUT00 not scheduled in background.


Vivek Gupta

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Hi Vivek,

I guess there is a field in the control record which can be used to control if the IDOC needs to be processed immediately or not, i don't remember and as i do not have access to an SAP System i am not sure. Check the control record.