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idoc- message type

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hi all,

1.In which table idoc message type(matmas,cremas) are stored . to view the content of the standard message type like matmas..


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Hi Suprith,

1. Table EDBAS

2. Content? Transaction WE05 for example.



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Thanks and Regards,


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Please use TC WE81 for getting the message type.

Find the basic IDOC type assigned to the message type using TC WE82 and then view the structure of IDOC type using TC WE30.

For all the above options you can also use area menu WEDI.

In case of any clarifications please revert back.



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> 1.In which table idoc message type(matmas,cremas) are stored .

all idocs are stored into 2 tables:

EDIDC contain the data of control record

The transparent table EDIDC comprises the control records of the EDI Intermediate Documents. It contains control information on outgoing EDI Intermediate Documents and the processing of incoming EDI Intermediate Documents.

EDID4 contain the data who are trasmetted via Idoc


> to view the content of the standard message type like matmas..

you can view the content of Idoc who are trasmitted in the WE02 transaction. this transaction collect the IDoc for Type message



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1. You can get the whole list of idocs using the transaction we81.

2. To view the fields of matmas message type :

go to we82 and get the basic type of matmas message type for ur particular sap release.For eg for sap release 4.7 matmas05 is the basic type.

Then go to transaction we30 ,give the matmas05 as the basic type and display . You can see different segments in the particular message type. Double click on a particular segment and go to segmant editor , there u can see the fileds which will get populated while sending the matmas message type.

For viewing the data that is transferred using the idoc u can use transaction we02.



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Hi this will help u.

Message Type:

A message type represents the application message exchanged between R/3 systems and R/3 and an external system. A message type characterises the data sent across systems and relates to the structure of the data called an IDOC type.

Diff. with IDOC type

An IDoc type specifies the structure of the data.

A message type specifies the meaning of the data

Diff. b/w IDOC type and IDOC

An IDoc type is the definition of a specific data structure.

An IDoc is an actual instance of data based on an IDoc type. Therefore, there can be many IDocs created from a single IDoc type.

Every idoc type will have Message Type.

It mean Idoc will be recognised By message type.

For ex : MATMAS03 is idoc type, and its message type MATAMS.

There are different message type for every master data. suppose for vendor master CREMAS is the message type, for customer mast DEBMAS like these there many message type for other type of master data.

To recognise the particular idoc, we use message types.

We82 is the TCode where IDoC type is attached to Mesage tYpe.

Refer to this related thread

with regards,

Hema Sundara,

pls give points if helpful.