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Identifying Duplicate Roles and Traching Composite Role Assigned to the Use

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Dear Friends,

I am novice to this website even after browsing for past 3 months. This website is so useful and huge with so many forums. I am lost many times where to post this questions. there is not a single SAP Security Forum or Basis/Security related forum. Can anyone direct me to the right forum or if there is no Security Forums, can anyone direct me how to start new Forum so that all security related discussions and knowledge sharing takes place. I am requesting the Moderators of this website to direct me to the right forums.

we have around 2000 users in Production. We assign Composite roles and single roles to all users. Sometime we use SECATT or LSMW to update User Master Data to Assign some Roles that are ALREADY assigned to the users. I have 2 questions. If there any way to clean up this mess. I mean Identifying all users who have these Duplicate Roles with Different Validity Dates. I am sure SUIM can not help me as I research a lot on this. I appreciate if anyone can direct me with some solution in this cleanup process. I mean some SQL or SAP Query will help me i guess. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

My Second Question is Tracking Composite Role/User Assignment Changes. We had assigned some Composite roles to the user 3 months ago and deleted last week. when i check SUIM change documents, It does not show Composite Role history. It is Displaying all single roles that are assigned and deleted later. BUT It never showed any information on Composite Role Additions or Deletions in User Change Documents. I hope SUIM is not going to help. I still need to go to many places or write any Good SQL and execute them.

Is anyone had written this Utility SQL programs for cleanup of roles/users in the SAP. Is there any way to check or debug this issue, going to see any tables that monitor these changes. I appreciate if can one can share this knowledge to resolving this issues.

any ideas and suggestions are welcome.




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Please post this in the SAP NetWeaver Administrator Forum and close this thread here.