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Idea/Suggestion for Report on Open Purchase Orders

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Note: coding is not necesary

give me an idea /suggestions how to develop a report which lists all open purchase orders not acknowledged for different vendors plz if u give me step by step procedure it will help me in developing

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select data ( banfn, ebeln, werks) from the table EBAN into one internal table based on the plant and period where purchasing document category ( BSTYP) should be P (Purchase order).

based on the above selected data select the purchase order header data from the tabel EKKO , and for the corresponding PO check the staus in the JEST ( status is not released for open purchase orders)

get the item data from the table EKPO.




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Hi kumar,

DEFINITION :A standing/open order is a Purchase order which has been issued to a vendor, against which specified purchases may be made for a specified period of time. When repeated purchases of the same type of supply items are expected, multiple purchase requisitions may be eliminated by submitting one purchase requisition to establish a standing/open order. This request must be accompanied by a justification memorandum. Standing purchase orders are issued for supply type items and services only.

JUSTIFICATION : Request for standing/open orders are approved by the Director of Purchasing, provided they are sufficiently justified. Purchases made by the standing/open order method are often more expensive, and should be considered carefully.

LOGIC: Open purchase orders meanse,the purchase order not realse due to some reasons.

The purchase order table EKPO (or) EKKO.

You find the both tables

fields: LOEKZ = Deletion Indicator.

ELIKZ = Delivery completion.

You checks above fields NOTEQUAl to SPACE

example: LOEKZ NE ' '


above fields equal to space that orders realsed.

example: select * from ekpo

into itab

where ebeln = pametervalue

and loekz ne ' '

and elikz ne ' '.

Above statment excutes dipalys the open purchase orders.



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Why not go to the Various Screens and use the F1 key to find the Fields Names and then try writing your report? Best way to learn is explore rather than being spoon fed. You may also want to consider choosing a better subject, "Urgent" does not describe your problem, unless you are desperate and don't know how to write an ABAP program.