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I wanted to Know about VIEWS in Sap abap

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hi, this is Abdul Rahman.

I wanted to know about VIEWS,How it exactly works and

what is the perpose of it and in what way it is helpfull

to create reports .how should i create a perfect VEIWS and use it . whats the tansaction code for it.

thank you,

Abdul Rahman


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Views are just another way of looking at data from the database. For example say that there is a database table with 100 fields and you only need to see 10 of the fields. In a view you would define the table where the data comes from and those 10 fields that you want to see. When doing select against this view, the database processor will take a look and see what fields are defined in the view and select only those fields instead of all the fields. You can also define in the view, certain selection criteria, also you can join other tables. You create views via SE11.


Rich Heilman

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To extend of the comments above, Views are not a concept specific to SAP. Database views are part of the Relational Database model created by Dr. E.F Codd in the early 1970s.

Views can be created for the sole purpose of reducing the resultant columns (as mentioned above).

However, they are more appropriately used to join multiple tables based on certain criteria. This "joining" inside of the view reduces the amount of SQL that an application developer needs to write get create reports, etc.

In theory (at least), it should also reduce the number of "bugs" that an application developer might create by not understanding the data table structures, inefficient SQL, poor coding structure, etc.

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Hi~ abdul.

Additionaly speaking, there are 4 kinds of views in SAP.

it's a little different concept with Database views(RDB created by Dr. E.F Codd ).

1. Database view
 : this is inner join view.
2. Mainternance view
 : this is left outer join view. we usaully use this 
   one for mainternance. as you know, SAP doesn't 
   provide DB maninpulation tools like SQL Plus(Oracle),
   query analyzer(MS-SQL). SAP provide 'SE11', 'SE16'
   instead. however, we just can retrive data with 
   se11,se16. not changing, deleting.
   so SAP provide mainternace tool(SM30). we can 
   inserting, changing, deleting with that. and 
   mainternace view is useded for it.   
3. Projection view
  : this is projection view. just retrieve some fields
  from only one table.
4. Help view
  : this is used for search help.

you can create it with T-code 'SE11'.

please refer

you may find more good information.

sorry for my poor english __

Best regards

kyung woo.

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