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i need some help in some Q

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1)Databse statment is used to read the data from application server?

2)hats the use of TOP include , UXX include and FXX include in FM?how and when this incude comes?

3) reusable techniue or Modularization

how many types of Modularization technique we have?

4) what is check table & value table?


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The files on the application server are called as datasets.

We work with datasets using the following commads

open, read, fetch, transfer etc.

2. For each successive function module in a function group, the Workbench automatically creates an include file. You can view this include file by selecting Source Code on the Function Builder initial screen. The system gives the include file a name using the form L<functgrp>U<nn> . For example, in the function group FGRP, the first function module resides in include file LFGRPU01. The subsequent function modules are in include files LFGRPU02, LFGRPU03, LFGRPU04, and so on.

The Function Builder generates the main function program includes for you. The system uses the L<functgrp>UXX form to name a main function program. So, for the function group FGRP, the main functions include would be LFGRPUXX

You can declare data using the TYPES and DATA statements in L<fgrp>TOP. This data is then available to all of the function modules in a function group. The system creates the data the first time a function module in the group is called. It always saves the values from the last function module to be called.

3. Basically modularization techniques includes

subroutines and function modules. THat is nothing but reusable code. For ex a function module developed can be used by any number of programs, so is the case with subroutines. A subroutine coded in one program can be called from another report.

4. A check table is used for data validation where as value table is used for possible data entries (F4).


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1) Use the OPEN DATASET, READ DATASET, CLOSE DATASET statements to manipulate files on the application server.

2) TOP includes in function groups hold the global data declarations, internal tables, contants, etc. UXX and FXX includes are for modularzation of the function group.

3) Use FORM...ENDFORM as a subroutine for modularzation, Also, you use INCLUDE programs, MODULE..ENDMODULE, and function modules. Also on the OO side, use CLASSes and Methods.

4) Check tables are predefined tables that link the possible values to a field.

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Rich Heilman