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HRP1001, PA0000,PA0001

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Hi HR experts,

I am an abaper and i am given a assignment on HR. I am to deal with infotypes 0000, 0001 and hrp1000 and hrp1001. whilst i was goin thru threads for the above infotypes, few things kept haunting me and after i cudnt find nething for it that wud make me clear, m writing this post. I want to know what does the following fields do.

plans or position, otype, objid, plvar, sobjid, relat and also i dint understand why are few fields concatenated, a citation with example wud be great help.

thanks in advance,



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The plans/position is the position held by the PERNR in the Org. Structure defined.

You can check this out by taking the PLANS from PA0001 for a particular PERNR and Give the inputs for displaying HRP1001 as follows:


OBJID - (The PLANS value)


This will give you all the PERNRs attached to this. The PERNR which you took from PA0001 will also be there.

This is how the relation is maintained in most of the cases.

THE PLVAR field is for plan version which is currently used in the System. When you retrive data from HRP infotypes, passing the PLVAR only will get you the proper results.

Relation to SOBID & OBJID:

E.g I have a pernr say, 10000001 and This pernr has a position 10000025.

The pernr's otype here is P and the position's otype is S

To retrive the data from HRP1001, you can give the inputs either in objid or sobid.

Suppose you gave the PERNR in OBJID, then you need to pass the otype 'P' to get all related data for it. or, if you pass it in SOBID, the you need to pass the SCLAS as 'P'.

RELAT Field shows how these are related. You can try this out yourself.

Pass the PERNR in OBJID and otype as 'P' and SOBID as 'S'.

You will get all the PERNRs associated with that position. The relat will '008' or as per defined in your system. One point to note here is RELAT has a close linkage with RSIGN - A or B (bottom up or top down)

The combination of these two fields becomes the subtype for HRP1001 which is again very important if you need to do manual authorization checks in your programs.

I hope this has helped you a little...

I suggest you to explore on your own for PD Infotypes. The concept and the logic used to store the data is really amazing...