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HR Report

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How Do Everyone!

I am about to start a report to list all the org units

and descriptions, start/end date etc. within our SAP


Does anybody know if there is a standard SAP report

that exists or do I have to start off from scratch.

Example of report output is:

Org Unit Description Parent Org Unit Start End

Date Date









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Hi Andy,

I think you can use the Std Report RHSTRU00.. with Plan Version = '01, Object Type = 'O' & Evaluation Path = 'A002'.


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Hello Andy

The transaction to call the report RHSTRU00 is PPST.

Use as "status vector" = '1' (active). The most interesting selection parameter is "evaluation path". If you call the F4 help you can select the evaluation path based on the object types you want to see. In your case, you would select:

O -> O -> O (From -> Via -> To).

SAP contains many predefined evaluation pathes. If you want to see everything use O_TASKS. If you require specific evaluation path go to the customizing and define new ones.

Final remark: the display ALV tree has a nice feature. Put the cursor on an object and call menu "Edit" -> "maintenance trans.". You directly jump to the maintaining transaction for the object type.

Regards and Have Fun