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Hi everybody,

I use this function in order to update several infotypes from another infotype (and sometimes, for another employee). But I want only make the modifications in all the infotype or in noone infotype. For this reason I don't commit in the function, then I commit when all results are well done.

The problem is, if you call this function in performs, when you returns and make the commit, no infotype is updated.

can anyone help me?


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I think try keeping the commit after the perform and

also keep nocommit = 'X' in hr_infotype_operation

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>> (and sometimes, for another employee).

Interesting.. did you try HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA instead.. you can bundle all the infotypes in one perform & probably use the LUW_MODE parameter to COMMIT all or none... not sure if it would work for 'another employee' though..


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But the main problem is that when I leave a perform where I did the HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION with no commit and make after make a commit work, the infotype vales are not updated: ex:


commit work and wait.

This does not work

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This is unusal,

most of the times.. it works...

I dont have any idea then I am sorry

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Hi jaime,

1. commit work concept does not work with this FM, after calling this FM.

(commit work happens,

or does not happen,

based upon the parameter No_Commit passed )


amit m.

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R u modifying the Infotypes or creating new records for all the infotypes...

I think It is better you use BDC.. this is wht we do if we have to update many infotypes, jus check your entries using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION

and then update the entries using BDC