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HR_GET_LOAN_BAL_PAID_AMT is not working

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I'm trying to use the FM HR_GET_LOAN_BAL_PAID_AMT to get a loan balance but the parameter ENDDA is not working.

The function always return the balance at the present day.


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Yes, it seems not to use these parameters!

Have you had a look at Class CL_HRPA_LOAN_COMPUTATIONS? Maybe you can use this instead.

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This function module HR_GET_LOAN_BAL_PAID_AMT  determines the following values for an loan request.

To get the balance and paid amount of the loan so far current date

  • Paid amount - This is the amount that the employee has paid back to the company aginst the loan request
  • Balance amount - This is the amount that the employee has to pay back to the company aginst the loan request.

Can you explain  exactly, what Loan details you are looking for?



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Hello Kiran.

The idea is to get the balance of a loan to a specific date.

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Why dont you use HR_READ_INFOTYPE?

You could also use the method in the class CL_HRPA_LOAN_COMPUTATIONS.

Or you could just directly read from table pa0045.

Check this sample code.

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I check the method GET_SUM_OF_PAYMENTS in the class CL_HRPA_LOAN_COMPUTATIONS, but I don't see any parameter to specified a date