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How to Zip the data in an internal table

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Hi all,

I have an internal table with some lakhs of records. I am sending that data as an attachment in the mail. Now my mail server has a restriction on the size of file that is sent. So i need to ZIP the data in the internal table before sending it. Is there any function module to do this.

Thanking you'll in advance.

Arul Jothi


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Check this link

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Hi all,

Thankx for ur reply.

I have the data in the internal table. I am using the standard function module SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 to send that internal table data as attachment to a mail receipient. Now before sending the mail i need to compress the data in the internal table.

I must not store that data in the application server.

Arul Jothi

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Use extract dataset instead of itab.

The data will be saved in a compressed form in extract dataset..



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>I must not store that data in the application server.

The example I gave using CL_ABAP_ZIP does not store the data on the application server. When you call method save, the data is only returned as a binary string.

If you have data in an internal table, you probably want to turn it into a single string. You can loop through the internal table and concatenate each row together separated by CL_ABAB_CHAR_UTILITIES=>CR_LF. This single string can then be compressed by CL_ABAP_ZIP.

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>The data will be saved in a compressed form in extract dataset

That will compress the data, but will it put it in a format that can be included as an attachment in an email? The client machine that opens the attachment, must know how to decode the compressed data.

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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You are going to need to create a ZIP binary stream in memory before you attach it to the mail. You can use the classes CL_ABAP_GZIP, however these only offer compression - not the headers and package information that a client application will need to open the ZIP file.

In recent support packages of WebAS 620 and 640 there is a class called CL_ABAP_ZIP (what release are you on?). This class can create the datasteam that a client application will understand (including the CRC check).

data: zip type ref to cl_abap_zip.
create object zip.
 zip->add( name = <wa_dir>-filename
           content = content ).
 data: zip_results type xstring.
      zip_results = zip->save( ).

The CL_ABAP_ZIP class returns its content as a binary string. You can reformat this single binary string to a binary internal table (better for passing to any of the email functions as an attachment) using the following function module:

 call function 'SCMS_XSTRING_TO_BINARY'
          buffer     = zip_results
          binary_tab = <wa_doc>-content_hex.

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The IGS can also be used to create a ZIP File. There is an SAP example program, GRAPHICS_IGS_ZIPPER_DEMO, that demonstrates this.