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How to Use Tcode ST01 and its Purpose......

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I want to know the purpose of the transaction ST01 and how to use it..?


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Run ST01 goto menu option = Help -> Application Help

That will give you all the info you need in the following URL

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- ST01 is used to analyze authorizations as follows: Choose Tools -> Administration -> Monitor -> Traces -> SAP System Trace or Transaction <b>ST01</b>.

- Choose trace component Authorization check and pushbutton Trace on. The trace is automatically written to the hard disk.

- To limit the trace function to your own sessions, choose Edit -> Filter -> Shared. Enter your user ID in field Trace for user only in the displayed dialog box.

- Once the analysis is completed, choose Trace off.

- To display the results of the analysis, choose Goto -> Files/Analysis or the pushbutton File listSelect the required file and choose Analyze.

- The results of the authorization check are displayed in the following format: <Authorization object>:<Field>=<Tested value>

- The return code shows whether or not the authorization code was successful.

ST01 Return Code 0 - Authorization check passed

1 - No Authorization

2 - Too many parameters for authorization check

3 - Object not contained in user buffer

4 - No profile contained in user buffer

6 - Authorization check incorrect

7,8,9 - Invalid user buffer

Hope it helps.

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Always wondered and neglected how the return codes 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to make any sense out of them.

In 4.x version most of the time the trace showed 0, 1, 3. and in ECC trace shows 0, 4, 12.

whenever RC was 3 (old versions) or 12 (new versions) my analysis always found that objects with RC=12 or 3 are not really required.

Even if you see RC=1 (old versions) or 4 (new versions), it does not mean that the user would need these auth objects. Its known that trace does not always give the exact information about what the user is missing, but on careful analysis it surely have the auth. information that the user would require.

I do understand and have seen this answered in interviews (just because it was

published in forums and websites) but never got a better answer for RC=2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.