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How to trigger an Idoc from Sales order creation and change

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We are trying to trigger Idoc from sales order creation and change we have done following setting mentioned below:

Follow the below steps:

1. Go to NACE transaction

2. Select V1 application and select OUTPUT TYPES

3. Select the required output type and double click on Processing routines.

4. Enter Medium as DISTRIBUTION ALE, Program as RSNASTED and Routine as ALE_PROCESSING.

5. Save it.

message type ORDERSP in the distribution model (BD64).

Follow the below steps to configure the condition records:

1. Go to NACE

2. Select V1 application and select CONDITION RECORDS

3. Select the requred output type and click on Condition records

4. Selection screen will be displayed.

5. Go for execution. In that screen enter the selection criteria. For eg Condition record is based on Sales document type. Then

Sales doc type = OR

Funt = SP

Partner = blank. It means there is no restriction on partner numbers.

Medium = A

date/time = 4

Lan = EN.

Note: partner is left blank means, the sales order of type OR can be send to all partners.

6. Save it.

We also done ALE configuration.

We are facing problem that from VA02 "No output has been selected for printing Message no. V1102"

Kindly suggest the solution.


Sharad Dixit


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While configuring the output type in transaction NACE under application V1 you have to assign it to you output determination procedure. You need to check the box Multiple issuing if you want the output to be proposed every time you change the order.

If you have done above thing please mention the description of error you are facing.

Thanks and Regards,


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facing problem that from VA02 "No output has been selected for printing Message no. V1102"
Kindly suggest the solution.

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From following option I have selected

medium -> Distribution (ALE)

program -> RSNASTED

form routine -> ALE_PROCESSING

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For sales orders message type is ORDERS and for confirmation/response it is ORDERSP.

Can you please check it.

Thanks and Regards,


Edited by: Bharadwaj p on Jun 8, 2010 1:03 PM

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I have assigned both ORDERS and ORDERSP

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have you created message control parameters in we20?



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we have generated parter profile, automatically from distrubution model

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Hi ,

Please check the total error description and diagnosis as below :

InVa02 enter SO go to extras->output->Header->edit.You can find a table with all the triggered output types. Choose the output type BA00 with medium Distribution ALE and go for 'Processing log'. It will show you the error description.

Please paste the diagnosis .

Thanks and Regards,


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no error occuring

"No processing log exists"

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we have two systems but client 100 are same for each system.

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check whether message control parameters are there in WE20 in outbound.



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message types




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Does your output type get triggered in VA02 automatically ?



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In BD84 of receiving system did you received the distributed model?