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How to transport a custom table data into QA

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Requirement is to transport data maintianed in customtable from DEV into QA.

I have maintianed the delivery class to "C" in attribute and Data class to "APPL2" for this custom table.

But still i am getting following error when trying to insert the records under customaizing transport.

"Transport is not possible for the specified data

Message no. SV142".

Am I missing any settings?

Hints plz.





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Hi Pramod,

Have you created table maintainance generator for this table. If not please create one with the 'Standard recording routine' enabled.

Are you trying to insert the entries manually into the request?



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Hi Pramod,

ther're several possibilities to transport CU-Data

(it depends on table-attributes)


-SE16, SE16N

-SE09 (manual)

-change object list

-insert line e.g. "R3TR" "TABU" "Yourtab"

-double click

-insert line

-key fields (-> fill your key fields)


regards Andreas

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Thanks for all your inputs.

I could figure out the issue. I have changed the attribute data class to "C" only after genererating the table maintanance. This is causing the problem.

Seems the code[table maintanance] is generated based on the value for data class. Hence changes to data class attribute has no impact on the functioanlity of table maintanance.

After changing the attributes, I have regenerated the table maintanace and its working fine.



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Hi Promod,

We are facing similar problem. As you have suggested the solution to regenerate the Table Maintenance, can you tell me what impact the table maintenance has on the data? Will the data be safe or it will be lost after the maintenance generation?

Thanks in advance for you reply,


- Prasenjit

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The Delivery class of the table should be “C”.

1. In case table maintenance has been generated, delete it, save and activate.

2. Change the Delivery Class to “C” and regenerate maintenance. Save and activate

3. Go to sm30, Choose transport request, select the entries and add them to transport request and save.

4. Go to scc1, enter the source system, request number and execute

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Hi pramod,

We have similar requirement, is it enough to have delivery class C for the table.

I have regenerated the table maintenance. After entering the data in SM30 do we need to assign transport request for the data also, is it customizing request or it will be saved under the workbench request of the table.


I hope this helps someone with their table rows transports:

Recently I had to transport TVARVC table rows into QA system from DEV. The solution a coworker provide was to run transaction SE16 and type in TVARVC, get to the entries, followed by clicking on the "select all", and then the menu item "transport entries". This was alot quicker than hand coding the key values which I had tried to do before via creating an empty transport in SE09.

SE16->type in table name, run the query (F8), Select all (F9), Table-Entry Menu item = Transport Entries. Maybe there is a more proper way to do this using transaction STVARVC, but this way worked.

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HI Chris Mason

we followed your step to transport the table of entries and our ABAPer successfully did and check the data everything is fine

but our query is can sap recommends this procedure and any pre-requisites we need to look.

Any future enhancement problem we will or we follow this procedure without any problem.

thank a lot for your solution