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How to restrict PERNRs from payroll simulation program through SAP Security authorizations ?

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I am running payroll simulation program. I don't want to process the '5' series PERNRs.

After running the payroll simulation program, the output should not have the '5' series PERNRs.

But client don't want to exclude the values through selection screen.

How to restrict not to display '5' series PERNRs through SAP Security authorizations / roles ?

Please check the attached pd.png screenshot of payroll simulation program selection screen.

Let me know suggestions.

Thanks & Regrads,



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Hi Shabbir,

If you decided to restrict through Authorization for HR simulation program then options left are the below using P_ORGIN, P_PCLX.

Payroll Area

Employee Group

Personnel Area

It is not possible to restrict by PERNR field through PFCG authorization. You need to understand your org structure to restrict the PERNR in HR master record

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Hi Raj,

Thanks for the reply.

The 5* employees can be in any Payroll area/ Employee group/Personnel area.

So I don't want to display the PERNRs in the output of payroll simulation program for the employees - 50000 to 59999.

Is there any authorization object with filed PERNR : 50000 - 59999 to exclude these values and we are using O-S-P also can you through some light on org.structure to restrict the PERNR.

Let me know your suggestions,how to proceed.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Shabbir,

As far as I know, there is no standard way to restrict only by Personnel number bu authorization check and there is a reason to not restrict by personnel number as it impacts system performance check as every employee will have own personnel number and assume organization with 1 lakh employees.

Secondly, you can think about customization where you can maintain a table with all Pernr range 50000-59999 and include in a payroll simulation program for exclusion. Discuss this with your ABAP development team for more insight