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How to process batch in ABAP Objects content

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my name is Wadim and i am sorry for my bad english

I have a problem, maybe someone of you can help me.

I need a class to pracess batch(bdc) oder a Call transaction which i had recorded with SHDB. I search for it but without success.

The class should habe all function like the default BDC-Include "bdcrecx1".

Is there a default class in SAP?

Thanks for help.

regards mark

Edited by: Krapp Wadim on May 20, 2010 9:19 PM


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There is a class CL_HRTNM_QUOTA_BATCH_MANAGER which has a lot of batch functionality.

I've never used it. My company has our own Z class for batch processing. A lot of similar code is in CL_HRTNM_QUOTA_BATCH_MANAGER in methods BDC_DYNPRO, BDC_FIELD, BDC_SESSION, CREATE_BATCH.

In my quick look at that class, I don't see where they call BDC_CLOSE_GROUP but you should have a method with this also.