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how to print vertical lines in smartform?

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Hello friends,

Is it possible to draw vertical (continuous) lines in the main-area in a smartform? The line should start from the header and end when it reaches the footer. the line should look like it divides the main window.


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click on window

go to output option and

in preview select outline as per ur need

reward if useful...

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well, i actually need something like this -

| abcd | efgh |==>header

| | | vertical lines under the header must be continuous

===========> footer

is this possible?

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you may specify an x-position and a length in this way:



[/code]That means, "position at column 12 and draw an horizontal line of width 10 characters".

I hope this helps. Best regards

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Chandra Sekhar.

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i need vertical lines. not horizontal.

like, vertical lines in a table that separates 2 fields.

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I fixed it using borders.

thank you.

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I fixed it using borders in SF.

thank you

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U can try using templates, in that highlight only varticle lines.