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How to prevent saml2 or soauth2 tcodes open as web based app in a browser ?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello, when using S/4HANA ABAP1909 or ABAP2020 both saml2 and soauth2 tcodes run from SAP GUI are redirected to a browser based app. Most annoyingly most of the time the app opens in both Chrome and Safari browsers (if using a Mac laptop);

Is there way to change this behaviour, for instance allowing saml2/soauth2run inside SAP GUI.





Hi Piotr,

There is no way to change the behavior of the standard transactions as far as I'm aware.

An alternative to consider is creating two custom transactions, for example, ZSAML2 & ZOAUTH2_CONFIG.

These custom t-codes should call transaction 'WDYID', skip the first screen, and respectively pass values 'SAML2' and 'OAUTH2_CONFIG' to the APPLICATION parameter.

These transactions will provide alternatives to the original transactions and run inside SAP GUI instead of the default system browsers.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Laurens many thanks for the hint. I implemented both tcodes and they work like a charm. On a side note the main reason that prompted this question is that at leat on a MacOS both Safari and Chrome browsers get started which is total nuisance. I even looked up the code of CALL_BROWSER but could not figure out how to prevent one of the browsers to start.