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How to make display only a feild in the PAI event.

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Dear Freinds

in Custom infotype i have two requiremenst as

frist requiremnt : > i have two radio buttons , if one radio button is selected a particular field should be made display only so i have tried as

if p9007-zradono eq l_c_x. ---radio button is being checked

loop at screen.

if screen-name = 'P9007-ZFREQNCY' .

screen-input = 0.

screen-output = 1.

modify screen.




The above code is not working ....can any one please correct me.

second requirement is when i create a record the currency field (USD) should be

display my custom infotype........ so i have used the below code it is working

i was able to do in PBO

if psyst-iinit = yes and psyst-ioper = insert.

loop at screen.

if screen-name = 'P9007-ZCOST' .

screen-input = '0'.

screen-output = '1'.

modify screen.




please can any one let me know why i cannot make display only the field after selecting the radio button

so i have written in PAI ........but my logic of first requiremnt is not working.

i have tried putting the same logic in Chain endchain.

still now working............. What i should do in the case of PAI.




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You cannot do that in PAI,

What you can do is set a GLOBAL FLAG In PAI.

ANd then use that FLAG in PBO to disalbe the field.

Sinve every PAI is follwed by a PBO thiswill work.



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Dear Seshatalpasai Madala ,

thanks for responding to my question.

can you just please tell me how can i put a flag for the code which

i have above or can you give me a peace of code in this effect.

i click the radio button p9007-zradono eq l_c_x. --> this radio button is for No

so if i opt for No radio button then i want to make display only the field 'P9007-ZFREQNCY' ,

if the radio button is yes only defualt so the field will be open that is not a problme if it is checked no then it should be display only.

thanks in Advance.



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I have got the soluttion

now it is done thank you very much