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How to lock process order until V2 Updates get completed

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Hi Folks,

as per my requirement, i have implemented implicit enhancement for Process order to update the manufacturing date of Header material batch. This functionality has been developed in a function module and is being called in an UPDATE TASK with start delay(V2). Now whenever the order is created or changed, the date is getting updated but not immediately due to the function module called in an update task. Here start immediate(V1) is not possible in my case. I would like to lock the order until my function module execution gets completed. Can you please suggest me how to achieve this. Any approach possible with the VBHDR and VBDATA. Thanks in advance.


Mallikarjun Reddy G


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I don't think you could achieve that. V2 tasks are run without locks by design, since they are intended for non-critical and statistical updates.

Processing the V1 modules involves transferring the contents of the update tables VBMOD and VBDATA to the application tables of the database. The changes are not actually made to the tables in the database until the database LUW in which this takes place is completed. The SAP locks are released and, if V2 update modules exist, the V2 update is started. This is similar to the V1 update with the exception that there are no locks that have to released and no search for a process for further processing.