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How to identify whether TR is imported on production on DEV system using TABLE.

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Hi gurus,

Can anybody please let me know if there is any way by which we can make use of tables on Dev client to know whether TR is imported on Production or not.

I know we can use se10 to check the status of TR using log but I want table name so that after entering Tr no, will get status regarding Production server import.

If not,please suggest logic to achive the above functionality.

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Hi Sachin,

You can use E071 table to find if a transport is implemented or not.

Open the desired BW system in which you want to check if a transport is implemented or not, then give transport request number in TRKORR field and execute. If a transport is implemented in this system, then you will get logs where you can see what all objects are transported through this request.

Or else, you can use SE01 tcode to check in which systems, a particular transport is implemented.

Goto SE01, goto Display tab and give request number, then click logs button. Here you can find in what all the systems a transport is implemented and what are their Return Codes(RC)

Hope it helps.