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How to get GUI version ?

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How to get GUI version ?


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After logging into the SAP system ,

got to System -> Status and there you will find 'SAP System Data ' .

and beside that there is one icon ' component information '.

just click this , It will give you all the components. SAP_ABA will tell you the version of GUI.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

Thanking You.

Kind Regards,

Ravi Sankar.Z

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Hey there,

I need to gather some information about the client systems and especially about SAPGui or SAPLogon. What you described was the dialog where I could export all loaded modules and version information to file.

Is there any possibility to do this via Command Line (DOS Box) or whatever? Something like saplogon -version >> C:\SAPVerison.txt?

Or are there any registry keys (that I missed yet) where I can find SAPGui version?

Or is there another solution to gather information about version and loaded Modules?



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Try using the system variable SY-SAPRL.

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Do you mean the version of SAP running on the application server. Or do you really mean the SAPGui version? Two different things.