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How to get functional location

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Hello Gurus,

I want the functional location from customer number.

is ther any function module or any other way to get it?




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Hi Paresh,

Alternative Labels for Functional Locations


A functional location is identified by its label. You can assign multiple labels to one functional location. You define the label that you use most frequently as the primary label, and all other labels are referred to as alternative labels. This enables you to define only primary and any number of alternative labeling systems for a functional location structure.

This is especially useful when you require different views of the functional location structures.


Alternative labeling is activated as a basic setting in the IDES Customizing.

Process Flow

see this link



reward me if usefull

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Table - ITOB.

Customer - kund1.

f.Location - TPLNR

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Thanks for your reply,

But I am not getting functional location TPLNR from customer number for that i have to pass obeject key number OBJNR

but I have only customer number in inpur field.

Acually I want to develop RFC for IW31 tcode ,having only customer name as input ,from customer name I am getting customer number now I want functional location for this customer considering ther 1:1 relation between them.



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how do you mean ?? I have not seen a relation between customer number and functional location. when you have the address tab in a serviceorder there is nowhere a possibility to link it to a functional location from IL02 .

you enter a functional location in a serviceorder on header level or object level ?

so can you perhaps clarify how you have build the relation between the customer and the functional location ??

and if you use the functional location in the object tab from a serviceorder you can use below to go from serviceorder to tplnr in iloa

    SELECT SINGLE * FROM vafiloa
                    WHERE aufnr = object_tab-aufnr.
    SELECT * FROM objk
             WHERE obknr = vafiloa-obknr.
                      WHERE iloan = objk-iloan.

kind regards

arthur de smidt

Edited by: A. de Smidt on Jun 9, 2008 11:16 AM