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How to get a statistical condition in pricing proc. to post to accounting

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Is it possible to get the values determined by a condition type within a pricing procedure to post to accounting without being part of the price calculation?

For example, in the pricing procedure you may calculate the cost associated with the sale and want to post these cost to a G/L account but the cost are not used to directly calculate the price.

First thought was to mark the condition type within the pricing procedure as statistical and assign the appropriate account key but the account determination does not take place for these condition types so it is not posting to accounting.

You assistance is appreciated!


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Hi Stephen!

In general conditions have to be non-statistical to be posting-relevant.

I can't see if you are talking about MM or SD. The behavior is a little bit different:

- in MM all active conditions are stock valuation relevant

- in SD you can define the total price by building sums - if your costs are not included, the total price is lower.

Somehow I have the feeling, your postings might get 'out of balance' - usually SAPs default posting settings lead to correct results.

(But customers can develop strange ideas about costs.)



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Thanks for the response Christian!

Sorry for not clarifying but I'm talking about SD.

The problem is that the net value within the sales document would be the wrong amount if the conditions types are not marked as statistical. From my understanding the net value within a sales document is calculated by summing the active (non-statistical) condition values.

For example:

Gross Price = $.50

Misc. Cost = $.10 (Not charged to the customer)

Freight = $.07

In the above example the customer's price should be $.57 not $.67. You are right in that I could create a subtotal to only include the Gross Price and the Freight charge and not the Misc. Cost. And I could use this for printing the correct amount on the invoice. However, the sales document net value would show $.67 if the Misc. Cost is not set to statistical.

Thanks Again!

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Hi Stephen!

From where you should post the $.10 misc cost? Usually the customer has to pay the bill and parts of the sum are posted to different accounts (material, freights, VAT...).

And who pays the $.10? Or should you add a $-.10 discount on gross value -> total is $0.57 and you get $.10 to play with (in the schema).



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Christian, thanks for you help!

I think I will leave the cost associated condition types as non-statistical and post them to the appropriate accounts. I will then create a new condition type to calculate the offset which will be the negative sum of the cost condition types. This way my sales document net value will be correct and I will post this negative amount to Sales Revenue to get closer to a true netback.

Was just hoping there was a cleaner approach with keeping the conditions statistical but still getting them to post to accounting.

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Isn't a posting relevant statistic condition a contradiction in itself?

In my eyes it can't get clearer as it is in standard:

you have a net price, calculate tax (or you have a gross price), which pays the customer.

If you want to post a part as cost somewhere else, you have to take it from the net value (as discount), otherwise the sum of the different booking won't be balanced to 0. (You can't distribute the incoming money more than once.)

It's more a matter of description - if you get used to this picture, it should look pretty clear.



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when i am creating sales order net price not showing where the problem?



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Hi Manoranjan

Please open a new thread, so you can expect more replies. Also provide details like when you are not able to see the pricing. Is it when you create order online, via BAPI, BDC...

Pricing will be determined basing on the pricing procedure assigned to the order type. Via pricing procedure, condition types and access sequences are determined.

Price will be extracted from the condition records basing on the above info.

Also check if there is any valid price maintained for the combination of access sequence.

Kind Regards