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how to generate new reuest after changing in program in sap

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how to generate new reuest after changing in program in sap.

i want to generate new request to upload program changing in production so please help me how can i do it

thanks in advanced.


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just save and activate the program once again it create new request.

1st check se09 there is any prerequest for program.

if it is than 1st release it.

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go to SE09 -> realese your old request of the program.

thn activate your program and give new request number.



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Hi laxman,

1. If your original request has already been released,

2. and now if we try to change the program,

the system will automatically ask for a new request.

3. If it does not ask, it means,

that some new request has already been made by us.

4. Or, somebody else has already created

a new request,

and if this is the case,

the system will automatically

say that a NEW TASK will be created under your name,

in xyz request.


amit m.

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i guess it will automatically ask for request when u activate the program if the previous request is already transported


in ur program in the menu utilities>versions

>version management--> check the request is attached or not

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if i understand you correctly,your problem is the program is saved as a LOCAL program($TMP) and now you want this program to assign to a transport request.

if i am right,then follow like this,

in se38,open that program in change mode,

then the menu->GOT0->OBJECT DIRECTORY ENTRY-> In the package field,give your development class name(which can be transportable) then say enter-> then it will asks you to create a new request or use existing requests

like this you can assign a program to a transport request.then you can use SE09,to release it.


if the program is already assigned to development class,and now you are doing some changes then select ACTIVATE button,then it will asks you to enter/Create a transport request.



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if u click change

it will ask for trasport request name...there create new one and save the the changes will be in new trasport request...u can see in SE10 by giving ur ID.

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Hi Laxman,

u can do like this

Go to SE80... programs in upper window and write ur program name. display.

3.choose ur program in lower window and write click on it choose more functions and then chose <b>write transport request</b> it will ask for new request.

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