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How to find the Standard Program associated with a Standard IDOC

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I am going work on enhancing the standard IDOC. Any body can suggest how to find a standard pogram associated with a Standard IDOC. And can any body send some exaple code for extending a standard IDOC and to implement the logic in the standard program .....


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If you want to find program to the idoc there is no direct way.

Firstly find the function module for that idoc through BD60.

with this function module if you check where used list then you will find the program fo the idoc.Other wise all tcodes for the idoc creation starts with Bd.

By using BD* in the TSTC table you will find tcode from there you will find program name also from the same table.



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Hi Shyla,

I got the FM name from BD60. But, I have a confusion. The IDOC which I am using is "HRMD_A07". Message type associated with it is "HRMD_A".But,

There are few IDOCs which has the same Message type "HRMD_A". These are HRMD_A01, HRMD_A02, HRMD_A03.... HRMD_A06. For all these IDOC the same FM is used to post the IDOC.

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have you got the solution for ur Idoc problem...

if yes i need the smae.



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For outbound IDoc the program can be found:

1) For master IDoc via transaction BD60. Here for the message type you can find the function module used to generate the IDoc. Within this function module you can find the user exit where you can code your logic.

2) For IDocs with message control (output control) we maintain settings for proces code in WE41. This process code will lead to outbound IDoc generation program.

For Inbound IDoc the program can be found:

Via WE42 where inbound process and its related inbound function module is maintained.

In each cases above we can go the function module and find the customer exit where idoc enhancement logic can be coded.

For extending IDoc look at the following links:

<a href="">Extending IDoc - SAP help</a>

It can be summarized as follows:

Enter transaction WE30 (ALE->Extension-> IDOC types->Maintain Idoc type)

- Type in your name of the extended IDOC type (usually starting with 'Z') and click on the Basic IDoc type, click the create icon.

- Click on Create new and enter a description and press enter.

- Click on ZIDOCTYPE01 and then on the Create icon.

- Enter ZIDOCTYPE as the segment type, click on Segment Editor.

- Enter a description for your segment type and create.

- Enter a description for your segment, enter each field required in your IDoc and press enter to validate.

- Save and generate, press back

- To release the segment choose Goto, Release from the menu.

- Check the box on the line of your segment.

- Save, back and enter.

- Your Idoc type structure should be displayed with your new segment.

- Save and back.

- To release the Idoc type choose Extras, Release type from the menu and Yes.

Hope this helps.



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Check the Tcode WE41 & WE42