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How to find Kernal Badi for standard transactions?

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Hello Everyone.

I am new to kernal badi concept. By finding few posts in SCN, I have learnt what exactly the Enhancement Spot (Kernal Badi).

Usually for classic badi, We will find out the badi's using CL_EXITHANDLER.


In the same way how we will find out Enhancement Spots for standard Transactions??

Is there any other procedure?

Please help me!




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  • See the SAP Wiki / Blogs on how to Use Trx."SE84" or "SE80" : link / link
  • Another (more general way) would be to Scan Specfic Programs on "GET BADI" / "CALL BADI" Statements ... using Progr. "RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN".
  • See this Blog that offers a Custom Program to Search UserExit / Classic BAdI / Kernel BAdI : link

Finally, when you want to see what type of Enhancement is actually Actively Used in a Transaction / Program, there is a Feature in Trx."ANST", so you can 'record' a dialog Transaction, and then let the System Indicate What Enhancements / Exits are used :

Another general way while executing the transaction code: set a break point on statement GET BADI (and eventually CALL BADI) by pressing F9 in the debugger.

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It's kernel. Although Google understands both ways and finds many existing posts on the subject.

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Hi Nic,

Thank you for your answer.

If I follow the above procedures I will be getting all the related Kernal Badi's for that particular Transaction. Choosing from all the badi's is complex.

When I want to check for particular action, then how will I select?

For Ex: In MIGO transacation, after entering all the material details If I click on check, Badi "MB_CHECK_LINE_BADI" will be triggered. This I can check in cl_exithandler and this is for classic badi. In this way I can eliminate all the remaining badi's and I can create an implementation for MB_CHECK_LINE_BADI.

Similar way If I want to create kernal badi implementation, How will I eliminate the badi's which are not required for that particular action?



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Hi Srilaxmi,

I have the same doubt, did you figure it out yet? can you help me out if so?

I have the same doubt of not able to figure out which particular kernel BADI to choose.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Jabez John David